Spyro Doodle

I was so excited when the Spyro Reunited Trilogy was released! Spyro the Dragon was one of my favorite games to play as a kid, and I had so much fun charging through levels again. ❤ I still haven’t finished playing it through! I drew a little Spyro doodle in my style. (I don’t know why all of my dragons end up having weird fins on their faces. Whoops.) spyro.jpg


Wednesday comics <3

Hello, friends! I wanted to say sorry for not making comics lately. 😦 I have been struggling with ongoing health issues. But I am going to try to make a commitment to make a comic at least once a week every Wednesday! I have drawn a lil loaf. Hopefully this bebe will bring good luck and good health! ❤ ❤ ❤ happy cat loaf